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CIO of the Year Nominees 2019

Winners for life

The jury indicated they were looking for a technology leader who achieved flexibility, scalability, self-organisation, and operating in ecosystems. “Leaders have to stretch their roles, as technology is everywhere.” says Rob Beijleveld, CEO of ICT Media and the initiator of the CIO of the Year Award.

“CIOs are moving towards business and management, in which technology is a means to enhance efficiency no longer but a way to tap into new products, services and target groups.”

The following CIOs passed the Jury’ bar and made it on the shortlist: Sjoerd Blüm (Schiphol), Eric Overvoorde (Royal HaskoningDHV), Anton Rutten (Rabobank), Mario Suykerbuyk (Eneco), Perry van der Weyden (Rijkswaterstaat) and Ben Wishart (Ahold Delhaize).

Read more about the selection process and criteria.

Sjoerd Blüm

CIO - Schiphol

Sjoerd Blüm has been CIO of Schiphol since 2017. Two years earlier he came on board as a member of the IT management team, with the assignment to develop the IT innovation competence and to set up the business technology center (a CIO office). He had spent 13 years at ING and Nationale Nederlanden, resulting in a final responsibility for the cyber domain. “At ING I became an IT professional. I saw how beautiful the complexity of technology was, that success in technology was essentially about people and has enormous potential. ”

Eric Overvoorde

CIO - Royal HaskoningDHV

Eric Overvoorde is celebrating its second anniversary this year at the engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV. After a career as a consultant and auditor at PwC and boss of application management at Robeco, he held various senior IT management roles, including IT director at PwC again. In 2009 he joined Royal Haskoning, with the task of getting IT in order. To what extent has he succeeded?

Anton Rutten

Head of IT Systems - Rabobank

With his studies at TU Delft, an MBA from INSEAD and eight years of experience at McKinsey you could call Anton Rutten a consultant. Since 2004, however, he has been at Rabobank, where he has a rich and varied career. As a global COO, for example, he was responsible for the worldwide IT & operations of Rabobank International, before taking on responsibility for software development and maintenance throughout Rabobank in 2016. The collaboration between business and IT is a common thread throughout his career, culminating in a transition to DevOps from the entire organization.

Mario Suykerbuyk

CIO - Eneco

Mario Suykerbuyk is a CIO that has business in its DNA. At Wolters Kluwer, TNT and PostNL, he held both business and IT positions. Only two years ago he joined CIO at energy company Eneco, where he made a lot of changes in a short time. “I just went to work and started centralizing.” How is Eneco doing now?

Perry van der Weyden

CIO - Rijkswaterstaat

Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) is in the midst of a digital transformation. CIO Perry van der Weyden, who is the spiritual father of this large-scale program, developed during the process from missionary to diplomat, as he himself says. He feels perfectly at home within the government – but he thinks that IT work in that sector deserves more appreciation. A conversation with an inspired man with understanding and respect for the interests of others. An idealist? “Yes, but one with realistic fringes.”

Ben Wishart

CIO - Ahold Delhaize

After a career in IT at Tesco and CIO positions at Whitbread and Morrison Supermarkets, the Englishman Ben Wishart joined Ahold in 2013. His first task was to catch up with the necessary digital maintenance work. Just when he arrived at strategy and innovation, the merger with Delhaize was announced. “It became the largest retail merger worldwide, ever …” How did Ben Wishart and his global IT organization emerge from it?